Brunch in Melbourne

Where can I eat brunch in Melbourne?

There are very few things as satisfying as a Melbourne brunch. Melbourne has some amazing places to have brunch. Monk Bodhi Dharma takes our top spot owing to its taste and animal-friendly servings. If you're a vegetarian, you'd love it here — seriously, even eggs are off the menu. Leading is Café B2B, with its perfect ambience and delicious taste. It has a neat selection of delectable meals. Café B2B serves the best brunch in Melbourne.

Where can I eat brunch in Melbourne CBD?

While Melbourne CBD is not the first place to come to mind when thinking of brunch, there are some hidden gems that you shouldn't miss. You can have delicious, refreshing best brunches in Melbourne at places like Om Nom, Café B2B, Hardware Société, Vacation, and White Mojo, to name a few. While in Melbourne CBD, visit these amazing places instead of a quick search for 'Brunch near me'.

What is typically served at brunch?

Brunch is served between breakfast and lunch — any time before 12 in the noon. Brunch typically includes variations of the same dishes, including but not limited to coffee, fruit juices, and tea for beverages; and breakfast dishes like pancakes and waffles. Having egg dishes like scrambled eggs and Benedict eggs is also standard practice. Variations like Chili Scrambled Eggs can be found at places like Café B2B in Melbourne.

Where can I brunch in Victoria?

Having a brunch in Victoria, Australia, can be a really satisfying experience. You can check places like Café B2B — which has the best brunch dishes not only in Victoria but in Melbourne, Operator25 — which offers delivery services, Archie's All Day, Top Paddock Café, and more. Special dishes like King of Benedicts and Egg Florentine served at Café B2B are a must-try.

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